Consumer Units

Distribution Board Installation in Derbyshire,
Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire

New consumer units provide the latest in circuit protection, correct installation division, and enhanced safety for a modern and reliable electrical system.

Installing a new consumer unit or distribution board  is one of the most important electrical jobs and one that must be completed correctly and competently paying due regard to BS7671 (wiring regulations).  After the installation of your new consumer unit  or distribution board you will get an EIC – Electrical Installation Certificate and domestic customers will receive a Part P building regulations certificate.

A new consumer unit from Bulldog Electrical has the following protective devices to ensure that you and your property are safe;

RCBOs are safety devices which incorporate an RCD and overcurrent protection in one. Overcurrent protection has more commonly in the past  been provided by a MCB miniature circuit breaker. An RCD is a Residual current device, which is a life-saving device designed to activate at a very low current to prevent users of the electrical installation from receiving a fatal electric shock.

By installing RCBOs we ensure that if one circuit ever has a fault then no other circuit will be effected so nuisance tripping is kept to a minimum.

AFDDs  are devices which  provide protection from arc faults which could lead to a fire and also incorporate a RCBO. These devices are more costly than RCBOs and are mandatory is certain installations and recommended on socket circuits.

How much does a new consumer unit cost?

This depends on your existing electrical installation. How many circuits you have, if you require  Arc Fault detection devices (AFDD ) and if your property needs any upgrades or repairs to ensure it complies with BS7671.