Home Rewires in Derbyshire,
Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire

Rewiring your home or work premises enhances electrical safety, offers a bespoke modern system, and accommodates increased power demands for improved functionality and peace of mind.

Bulldog Electrical, Alfreton, Derbyshire, offer a bespoke solution to the rewire of your property whether it’s your home or business premises. Every rewire is unique and should be  viewed as  blank canvas and the chance for you to have what you desire. We tailor each rewire to the building and its users to ensure it complies with BS7671 Wiring regulations and our customers needs and expectations.

While having your house or business rewired give some thought to the following extras which Bulldog Electrical can install for you; Alarms and CCTV, AV hardwired systems (ceiling speakers, speaker sockets, hmdi points etc.), data points.

How much does a rewire cost?

We do not have a set price for a rewire.  The price depends on numerous factors; The size of the house, the type, number and finish of fittings used, the lighting scheme and kitchen arrangement. Every rewire we do has different requirements and components. If you are paying an advertised priced for your rewire then it will not be unique to you!

Is a rewire messy and what is involved?

We are very careful when we rewire a building, however it is a very intrusive process and floorboards will be lifted and walls chased out. We remove your old electrical system and replace all the components, the wiring, sockets, switches and other accessories. It is a good time to add more sockets and lighting to your home or business while this is happening. We use a specialist cutting machine with dust extraction to chase out your walls which provides a nice neat finish , however there will still be dust. We do clean up after ourselves though!  A chase is a channel made in the wall deep and wide enough to accommodate the wiring. This will require plastering afterwards.

We can offer a full service whereby the plastering and decorating completed by our trusted colleagues is included within the price.

Can I live in my house whilst it is rewired?

Yes you can it is your home, however, it will make the rewire more expensive as we will have to safely manage your existing electrical system while we replace it with a new one and manage what will be a construction site. Also, please bear in mind if we have to move all your possessions and furniture about it is time consuming and will impact any price.